Play Longer

Par72 Yoga provides increased mobility and flexibility in the lumbar and thoracic spine which results in greater hip/shoulder dissociation and gives you more hip turn, torque, and power to the club head.

Play Stronger

Targeting the functional aspects of the golf swing, Par72 Yoga using Yoga for Golfers helps correct a number of common swing flaws and extends the body’s ability to play, minimizing risk of injury.

Play Better

Applying the Yoga for Golfers methodology, Par72 Yoga helps players of all skill levels and ages, cultivate a more efficient, effective, consistent, and repeatable golf swing.

What is Yoga for Golfers?

Yoga for Golfers® (YFG) is a globally-recognized, leading edge program created by founder Katherine Roberts. YFG is a distinctly unique and proprietary yoga methodology that fuses Western biomechanical science with Eastern mind/body conditioning, applying it to every dimension of the golf swing, to drive immediate improvements in performance, right from the first tee. Yoga For Golfers® delivers results for golf enthusiasts and golf professionals of every age at every level of ability.

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