Par72 Yoga delivers Katherine Roberts’ Yoga for Golfers® (YFG) to golf professionals and amatuers looking to improve their game.  Yoga for Golfers® partnered with PGA of Canada to provide a leading edge Player Development Series in golf fitness using yoga. This is a unique program specifically designed for PGA of Canada members who are interested in implementing fitness components and yoga practices into their teaching and coaching plans.

The YFG methodology is designed to produce a more consistent, efficient, effective, repeatable golf swing. By partnering with Par72 Yoga, we will tailor a yoga practice specifically designed to meet the needs of your clients.

Clinics offer an initial assessment of mobility and flexibility, followed by an introduction to the YFG Dynamic Warm-Up. Add-ons could include: swing analysis and/or video assessments where you determine the main factors impeding the swing and we provide the specific yoga poses to address poor alignment, balance, muscle imbalance, mobility, and flexibility.

Private and Semi-Private instruction, offers hands-on adjustments and specialized cueing, ensuring your clients maximize the benefits of each yoga posture.

Workshops in conjunction with Par72 Yoga offer your clients a wealth of information and tools to assist them in bettering performance on the course, and mobility and fitness off the course.

Together with your expertise and knowledge of the sport, we will create a more holistic training regime designed to meet the requirements of your clientele.

Sample Par72 Yoga Workshop with PGA Teaching Professional

Style Instruction and interaction
Length From 60 minutes to half, or full day
Instructors Megan McKenzie and your PGA/LPGA Professional
Sample Topics How to properly warm up for golf
  Building better posture at address
  Generate more power and distance

Megan McKenzie, Owner Par72 Yoga, Certified YFG Instructor

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