Bring Par72 Yoga to your club or event!

Partnering with a certified YFG Instructor is a novel and interactive way to encourage greater participation of your membership in club events. By engaging direct with your Head Professional or teaching staff, Par72 Yoga can offer your membership an extraordinary experience that will benefit them on and off the links.  

Clinics - which are typically 45-60 mintue sessions -  are a great way to kick-off the golf season. When done in conjunction with your PGA professional staff, clinics are ideal - where the Pros take care of the biomechanics of the swing, and Par72 Yoga takes care of the biomechanics of the golfer through the swing.

Par72 Yoga hands-on workshops can either be stand-alone or be integrated into a existing golf or corporate function. Workshops are also a great way to keep your membership engaged and conditioned over the winter months and to prepare for the coming season. Summer workshops can be tailored to key aspects of the game, such as power, putting, balance, and rotation ie) shoulder- hip-dissociation.


Yoga Golf Clinics


Yoga Golf Workshops
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